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It is important not only to teach the student how to play their instrument, but also to provide them with a historical, music-historical and theoretical background.

Felix Thiedemann offers cello lessons for beginners and advanced players, for children and adults, for amateurs, but also for young cellists who want to prepare for their studies. He mainly teaches in Munich.

Regardless of the student’s goals, it is of the utmost importance to bring him or her close to the emotionality that music can express, from the highest joy to the deepest sadness; to convey to him how much joy and fulfillment playing music together can bring, because this is the only way to create an intrinsic motivation to practice and improve.

Every student has a goal that he or she wants and can achieve. Felix Thiedemann sees working out and pursuing these together with the students as his most important task as a teacher. It plays a decisive role in educating the students not only to become instrumentalists, but also to become musicians with a broad knowledge of music and the ability to reproduce different styles (French Baroque, Italian Baroque, Classical, Romantic, contemporary music, popular music, film scores, Jazz) appropriately .


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